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Should Restaurants Include Gratuity as Part of the Bill?

Spotting the words "service included," "servizio incluso," and "service compris" on restaurant checks in most European countries means tipping isn't necessary (instead, a V.A.T. tax of 20 percent is added). But more and more restaurants in America are adopting this policy, causing the often distressful subject of tipping to become even more convoluted.

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Should Valley restaurants follow suit? Here's what some of our chefs and restaurateurs had to say:

Farah Khalid Chef and Owner, Curry Corner

I believe it should be adopted, as I have seen in this business that customers expect a great deal of service from everyone in a restaurant -- be it the chef, server, or busboy. Most customers are appreciative of this fact, but sometimes you do see an under-appreciation of service, which actually pinches the people involved. If gratuity is included, it ensures all the hard work done by people involved has not been in vain.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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