Sisterhood of the Stove: Chef Chrysa Robertson Organizes Dinner Featuring Top Female Chefs

Chef Chrysa Robertson isn't too thrilled about the many "testosterone tete-a tetes" going on around town -- and by that she means the recent proliferation of dining events featuring lineups of local male chefs. Over the summer there was a "Steak Out," "Veg Out," "Pig Out" and a handful of other collaborative dining series, all of which failed to include a single woman chef.

To remedy that oversight Roberston is organizing the Sisterhood of the Stove, a dinner event that will feature eight of the Valley's most influential female chefs.

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The dinner will be held on Monday, November 3 at 6:30 p.m. at Robertson's restaurant, Rancho Pinot.

It will be a six course dinner featuring two desserts as well as hors d'oeuvres and snacks to welcome guests. Featured chefs include:

  • Charleen Badman - FnB (with help from Sacha Levine)
  • Tracy Dempsey - Tracy Dempsey Originals
  • Lori Hashimoto - Hana Japanese
  • Helen Yung - Sweet Republic
  • Silvana Salcido Esparza - Barrio Cafe
  • BJ Hernandez - Havana Cafe
  • Shannon Plowman - Café Bocado, Pinetop
  • Chrysa Robertson - Rancho Pinot

Seating will be family style at round tables and wine service will be family style, too. That means there will be bottles of both red and white wines from Arizona wineries on each table. Cocktails and additional wines by the glass and bottle will be available for purchase.

Tickets to the dinner will cost $130 per person and can be purchased on the Sisterhood of the Stove Eventbrite page.

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Lauren Saria
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