Guilty Pleasures

The Best Way to Eat a Cupcake

With another Cupcake Love-In recently in the books, I was recently reminded of something very nifty to do when eating a cupcake. Cupcakes are always enjoyable, but they're... how to put it nicely... off-kilter. Eating one can be a mess. You can eat the frosting first, but then you lose the frosting/cake synergy. You can take a big chomp so you get both cake and frosting, but there's a good chance you'll end up with frosting on your nose instead of in your cake-hole where it belongs. Or you can eat part of the bottom first, but that requires contortions not usually seen in public.

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Or, you can have a clever trick up your sleeve. Why yes, I do have one of those, thanks for asking. I know some of you will see this and think "Oh god, that? Everyone knows that!" Let me refer you to the xkcd comic "Ten Thousand". Just when I think everyone takes this trick for granted, I'll be in a group of people eating cupcakes, and at least one person ends up staring at my cupcake in sheer amazement. So, for those of you who I'm about to amaze, this week's Guilty Pleasure is dedicated to you.

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