Three Phoenix Restaurants and a Recipe to Satisfy Your Post Avengers Shawarma Cravings

We know many of you fine folk went to see The Avengers last weekend. We know this because The Avengers has smashed its way through a bunch of records in its opening week. If you haven't seen it, let us give you two bits of advice: 1. Stay through all the credits. If you've watched a Marvel movie before, you probably already know this, but it's worth restating. 2. Either remember one of the following shawarma spots or the recipe. Or maybe both.

Wait what the hell is shawarma? Like its relative the humble gyro, shawarma is the child of extensive marinating and roasting. You can get both beef and chicken shawarma, and it's typically served either swaddled in flat bread or over a plate of flavored rice.

Places to get shawarma in case you don't know what it is, but have always wanted to try it: 1. Al-Hana Restaurant in Baiz Market The shawarma sandwich checks both cheap and good boxes. If you wander to the back of the store you'll also find some awesome pastries and sweets. 2. Haji Baba Middle Eastern Food Order a whole plate and bring a friend. You also can't go wrong with splitting a queen baklava. 3. Fattoush Restaurant Chicken or beef shawarma with a side of babaganouj? Might want to take one to go.

And the recipe for you DIY types. We must warn you though, the videos creator went a little wild with the After Effects:

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