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Free Cookies Today for 420 — Here's Where to Get Them (and That's Not Cookie Monster)

Free Cookies Today for 420 — Here's Where to Get Them (and That's Not Cookie Monster)
Courtesy of Totally Baked Cookie Co.

Totally Baked Cookie Company
, a late-night cookies and ice cream delivery service here in the Valley, is launching its brand new food truck today with a cookie giveaway.

Given their suggestive name, and the location of their debut (the Bud’s Glass Joint 420 Party on Roosevelt Row), you might see a lot of confused-looking stoners (wait, is that redundant?) milling about their truck.

But no, there's no pot in those cookies. And that's not Cookie Monster in the picture, either. (More on him later.)

Courtesy of Totally Baked Cookie Co.
Totally Baked won't be selling pot. But it will have eight different cookies, four ice cream flavors, and countless build-your-own-sundae possibilities.

Like the founders of Cheba Hut, or the good people at Jack In The Box who came up with the Munchie Meal, the owner of Totally Baked Cookie Co. saw a potentially symbiotic relationship between her business and the clients it serves: In other words, feeding stoners.

Averie Brookes, a student at ASU, sensed that the late-night cookie crowd might be a bit too, er, sleepy to go dessert-hunting beyond a certain point in the evening. So, she started a service that delivered Shamrock ice cream and homemade cookies (with names like “Brownie Fudge Haze” and “Oatmeal Resin”) to the masses in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe until 4 a.m.

Now that she’s planted the seed (so to speak), Brookes is counting on fans of Totally Baked to work a little for their treat. The “munchie-mobile,” as their new truck is affectionately dubbed, will have all the old standbys, plus a vegan/gluten-free option (Brookes herself is a vegan), and "Wake and Bake" specialty cookies with crushed cereal and icing.

We should be clear here once again: There are no "special ingredients" in these desserts (read: they are marijuana-free). Equally suggestive is the company's mascot — a big, blue, furry monster than looks an awful lot like a certain resident of "Sesame Street."

We asked Brookes: Is that kosher with the show's producers?

"Cookie Monster is good because we don't call him Cookie Monster, he is more of our cookie mascot," Brookes responded in an e-mail. "We didn't buy the costume from Sesame Street we made our own with Cookie Monster as inspiration!"

We have a call in to the team at Sesame Street to be sure everyone is groovy with this arrangement.

Look for the newly minted Totally Baked Cookie Co. food truck outside of The Lost Leaf, 914 North Fifth Street, beginning at 4:20 p.m. (duh) and keeping crowds happy until 2 a.m. Those kooky cookie people will be giving out free cookies to the first 100 customers.

For more details, visit

Courtesy of Totally Baked Cookie Co.

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