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Turn-Key CSA Produce Farm in Queen Creek for Sale

Word is, "in order to have a farm, you have to marry into it or inherit it."

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Kelly Saxer, owner of the 250+ member Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce farm (and New Times Best of award winner), Desert Roots Farm, in Queen Creek is making her farm available -- and without any matrimonial obligations.

She's asking $485,000 for the whole package which includes the house, the turn-key CSA farm business, all farm assets (all the things you need to make it happen -- tractors, equipment, etc.), 5 employees, and a farm manager who does all the work of managing crops, harvesting and staff oversight.

Think it's too good to be true? Maybe not.

Saxer has communicated to us that this is not a distress sale and she would know. She has a Masters in Agribusiness from ASU and Bachelors in Finance and Accounting from U of A.

With no formal farming training, she started growing vegetables at the Scottsdale Community College community garden and over 2 years, gained the confidence and knowledge of the farming business to go out on her own and start her CSA farm in 2003.

"I'm really just a gardener that's expanded her growing space...substantially," she says.

The property has access to flood irrigation. The house is 2600 square feet and has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a 3 car garage. There's also 3 fenced in pasture areas, a 20' x 20' barn, and 30 citrus trees (navel oranges and lemons).

She's developed her business such that her individual duties consist mainly of marketing, administrative work, planting schedules and planning. "The business is set up so that the buyer could literally step in and receive a paycheck the day they take ownership."

So why is she selling? "I've surpassed every goal I set for myself when I started this idea. I'm so very proud of what I've created and I'm now ready to move on to the next adventure in my life. I very much want my farm to live on - and I'd like to find someone (or a group of someones) that can appreciate what I've started and is ready to just step in and make it their own."

Saxer adds, "It's a great lifestyle - to get up each morning, walk out your back door and be in the middle of a working farm...there's nothing like it."

Kelly Saxer has financial statements and other information available for serious inquiries only. She can be reached at (602) 751-0655.

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