The Visual Artists of New Times 2016 Best of Phoenix

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Courtesy of Manny Burruel
Manny Burruel is a printmaker and painter. He likes to use objects and images that represent his past and may trigger nostalgia for the viewer. Currently, Burruel has focused on monosilkscreen printing, a type of screenprinting in which the artwork is painted directly onto a silkscreen, and by using a squeegee, the image is transferred through the screen onto paper. Burruel studied art at Glendale Community College, and has been showing his work since his early days with the MARS Art Space in the mid-’90s. His work was included in Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, a book published by the Arizona State University Hispanic Research Center in 2002.
This year's Best of Phoenix® features the work of six very talented Phoenix-based artists — Manny Burruel, Emily Costello, Joe Ray, Teresa Villegas, Roy Wasson Valle, and Frank Ybarra. Here are their stories along with selected works from their individual portfolios.