From the week of October 18, 2001

Johannah Sohn

Crushing Blows

Yahoo yammer: I would like to respond to the letter in the October 11 New Times written by a certain Steven L. Toth of Mesa. Mr. Toth's letter was quite amusing. His use of profanities and tired insults reveals who the "stupid prick" really is. I would almost bet this person is like the other foul-weather patriots out there. They are about as educated in Middle East history and dynamics as they are in our own colonial history. I beg Mr. Toth to name off the 13 original colonies or tell us who Lafayette was. They also fall into the simpletons-with-megaphones category. We the audience don't know what's worse: the loud, inarticulate ranting or the toothless posturing.

Mr. Toth and company are a detriment to our society. Yahoos who couldn't have cared less about the Taliban when they were destroying Buddhist statues several months ago now all of a sudden are intellectuals/politicians just because their "T" vocabulary has been nudged up one word. Here's a "T" word for Mr. Toth: typical.

Keep up the good work, Jill Stewart and New Times. It always amazes me how these blowhards are all so eager to pick up a copy of "leftist" periodicals. Something must excite those pea brains of theirs. Must be the adult ads.

John Loaffi

Will Steven Toth ever write another letter?: Bill Maher is allowed to say whatever he wants on a talk show which he hosts. This may come as a surprise to some who have written to New Times complaining about Jill Stewart's article ("Crushing a Contrarian," September 27), but you live in America! One of the most important ideals that America holds high is that of free speech by a free society. If you don't like what Bill Maher is saying on Politically Incorrect (read the show title, Steven Toth, you ignorant shame on America's name), then turn it off. You have the right to do that. Still unsatisfied, preach your anti-freedom of speech and expression Nazi-esque propaganda through the streets if you wish.

But for the love of sanity, don't believe everything you hear on TV coming out of Dubya's puppeteered mouth. Explore things for yourself. When Americans start to believe everything force-fed to them by our media, then we are no better than the misinformed unfortunate masses that Osama bin Ladin and the al-Qaeda have enslaved and starved for far too long.

Remember this, the "War on Terrorism" moniker bears a striking resemblance to the war on drugs, and there are millions of Americans who are under the thumb of the terrorists we call the police as a result of the war on drugs.

My point is this: As a nation, America needs to stand together to defeat foreign enemies. There is no doubt that we are doing this. Good. Yet we must also accept our differences as people and use this to defeat domestic enemies who wish to subdue and destroy our American freedoms which so many heroes of the past and present have died valiantly to protect. This is America, land of the free and home of the brave, and we have freedoms. This is why America is the greatest country in the world. People like Steven Toth need to accept this or be forced to go the way of the dinosaur because these are the impediments that block the path to freedom.

Brandon Norris

Insensitivity training: Regarding your defense of Bill Maher, you need to realize that there is a time and a place for the effective execution of free speech, especially if you are in the public eye as Maher is. This would require sensitivity and discipline, which evidently Maher does not have. So if the sponsors and a certain component of the public do not support Maher at this point, those are the consequences of his actions (or is the word "consequences" not politically correct these days?). Don't let the sign of "an emerging groupthink" scare you; it's not so bad. It is all under the freedom of speech that you so often preach. If you're concerned that the sponsors' response is some kind of a message, so also does Maher have a constant message when the guest profile is always 4 liberals to 1 conservative. Oftentimes it is 5 to 0 when Bill feels he needs constant applause to every phrase said by the guests and himself.

I also find it interesting that Bill Maher, who spends all his time entertaining and rehearsing, would think that he can (with far less data and information than the people making the decisions) evaluate complex political and government situations with the confidence and arrogance that he normally does. The danger of Maher's approach is that it would tend to influence the thinking of the less informed, when Maher himself may not be so well informed, but only entitled to an opinion.

There is no point in going any further because most people of the nation know what I am talking about. I really think that New Times is more concerned that God has returned to our society for now. I know Maher is concerned about this because he appears to be a proclaimed atheist. "God bless America" is certainly bringing to life the adage "there are no atheists in foxholes"; except possibly for New Times.

Maher has lost it before (remember the retarded children comment) and now perhaps he should feel some of the consequences. (Oops, there is that word again.)

You probably won't publish this, but I felt good about writing it.

Richard Belcastro

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