Republican Blogger Jeff Vath Fought for Sanity in the AZ GOP

I don't expect a lot of Arizona Democrats to understand why I'm making such a big deal of the untimely passing of Jeff Vath, chief blogger and owner of the pugnacious, GOP-centric Politico Mafioso blog.

After all, Vath was an uncompromising partisan who derided President Barack Obama, lionized U.S. Senator John McCain, and thought Governor Jan Brewer really did eat "scorpions for breakfast."

Moreover, he had an inexplicable affinity for GOP strategist Dick Morris, thought (at one time) that ex-Congressman "Baby Ben" Quayle was great, and expressed a loyalty to Sheriff Joe Arpaio that I always found bewildering.

TonyGOPrano, a.k.a. Jeff Vath, with U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, who called Vath "the epitome of the happy warrior."
TonyGOPrano, a.k.a. Jeff Vath, with U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, who called Vath "the epitome of the happy warrior."


Jeff Vath's memorial service is at 10 a.m. Friday, April 5, at Deer Valley LDS Chapel, 2939 West Rose Garden Lane.

But not all Republicans are the same shade of red, and living in Arizona has taught me not to look askance at an ally battling common enemies.

That's a lesson that eludes many an Arizona Dem.

Amazingly, there are Democrats who don't understand that there's a difference between recalled former state Senate President Russell Pearce and the man who vanquished him, fellow Republican Jerry Lewis.

These same Ds saw no difference between current state Senator Bob Worsley and Pearce during Pearce's attempted comeback in the 2012 GOP primary in Legislative District 25.

Likewise, Democratic Party hacks were ticked when Citizens for a Better Arizona, the group that forced the recall on Pearce in 2011, urged LD 25 Democrats to become Indies for the sake of voting for Worsley in the LD 25 primary.

Such kvetching aside, opposition to the extreme right in the state GOP continues to be more important than anything any Democratic pol does or doesn't do in local politics.

For example, can the advancement of, say, Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema's career compare to crushing Pearce in 2011 and 2012?

No. Toppling Pearce was a game changer in politics here. And moving the state GOP toward the center by eliminating or marginalizing its wingnut faction remains of primary importance as long as Republicans continue to rule this state.

That's why Jeff Vath's death at age 52 — the result of complications from surgery on a perforated ulcer — is a great loss for those who oppose extremism in Arizona politics.

Under his nom de blog "TonyGOPrano," Vath opposed not only Russell Pearce but such Pearce-loving wackos as pink-pistol-pointer and ex-state Senator Lori Klein, GOP sleaze Constantin Querard, walking PayDay Bar and current Maricopa County GOP chair A.J. LaFaro, and LaFaro's predecessor, Mexican-hater Rob Haney.

Vath was virulently opposed to teabagger Tom Morrissey's chairmanship of the state GOP. He also championed state House Speaker Andy Tobin and defended the conservative tusker against attacks from bottom-feeders like state representatives Carl Seel and Steve Smith.

Similarly, Vath was unafraid of referring to Pearce as a "racist" and tying him, as I did for many years, to his onetime pal, baby-murdering neo-Nazi J.T. Ready. Vath would reprint on PoliticoMafioso pieces that I wrote about Pearce and Pearce's ethically challenged brother, Lester, as well as LaFaro, Haney, and other scoundrels of the right.

No other conservative blog would have done likewise, for fear of getting labeled an outlet for RiNOs (Republicans in Name Only). But RiNO was a label he and his fellow bloggers on PM, such as the irrepressible "Iron Fist," wore like a badge of honor.

After all, this was a guy who called himself "leader of the McCain mafia," which is akin to spitting in a wingnut's face, as Arizona teabaggers hate RiNOs and McCain more than they could ever hate a Democrat.

Why? Because, generally, Democrats are no threat to them. RiNOs, however, are their eternal foes.

I appreciated the RiNO love, mainly because it exposed some uncomfortable truths to the correct people. Wingnuts can pretend not to have seen their names ripped to shreds in my Feathered Bastard blog, but they could not make that claim when Vath stuck one of my columns in their faces, as if they were incontinent puppies he was house-training.

Everyone in the Arizona GOP read Vath, and if a politician got a verbal whipping from someone on PM or was the subject of one of the merciless political cartoons PM published, he or she knew they had been pilloried before all of their colleagues.

"Jeff loved attacking the 'Darth Vaders,' the bullies who intimidate our current elected officials," one close friend of Vath's said. "He would scold them repeatedly for 'eating their own,' using fear politics. And [he] was not fond of the Tea Party's hijacking the state Republican Party or their constant name-calling to reasonable Republicans who disagree [with them]."

State Senator Worsley put it another way.

"Jeff was a balanced voice coming from a hard-hitting GOP blogger," he told me. "[That's] rare these days! He called it like he saw it [and] was frustrated at the extreme positions folks were taking that were not consistent with the GOP of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater."

In the context of today's Republican Party, especially our Cactus Country version, both Reagan and Goldwater would be considered RiNOs, at best, flaming liberals at worst.

That's the reality of the Arizona we live in.

Local lefties often fret about hobgoblins of ideological inconsistency. For many of them, Vath's blog was anathema.

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RIP Jeff.We didn't always agree, as I am a staunch Dem but we did agree on those we felt were bad apples. You were a brave and decent man and I am grateful to have known you.You will be missed.A light has gone out in AZ.


McCain traitor to his country should be in prison like Bradley, gave information to the enemy while being held as a enemy of Vietnam

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Rachel Alexander could learn a lot from Mr. Voth.

Then again, she's still delusional after losing her law license and her appeal. Maybe she'll remain insane...


The only thing the GOP cares about is where the next big PAYOFF is coming from lol.


Jeff had a mind, something many Arizona Republicans, like Carl "Potato Head" Seel, and their knee jerk supporters lack.

RIP and thanks for making the world a bit more interesting


@rhall528 Bradley was not tortured. He turned over info to Wikileaks of his own volition. I don't think he should be in the position he's in, but it's way different from McCain, who was ruthlessly and repeatedly tortured by the North Vietnamese. Almost all POWs broke under this torture and gave propaganda statements for the NVs. Are they all "traitors" to you, too?

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