Flying Cars Are Coming

Flying Cars Are Coming

Big news, road-trippers and rush-hour commuters. Commercial flying cars are apparently landing in the not-too distant future. And while our inner child is thrilled to be one step closer to living like The Jetsons, it only takes one entitled jackass cutting us off through four lanes of traffic to remind us we're doomed.

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Massachusetts-based company Terrafugia, which translates in Latin to "Escape the Earth," recently announced plans to release a street-legal plane by 2015. Transition® is the first model of a commercial hybrid vehicle designed to land in over 5,000 U.S. airports as well as drive along public roads and freeways.

The two-seater air car will feature a streamlined navigation system for the everyday drivers and coincide with specific Transition® driving courses.

Following the predicted success of the Transition®, Terrafugia engineers have already begun dreaming up the next line of airborne automobiles, including the TF-X™ -- a four-seater plugin land-air hybrid geared to offer "door-to-door transportation" that's designed to be safer than the modern car (i.e., airbags and parachutes).

For those interested in purchasing the first wave of sky sedans, the Transition® has an estimated retail value of $279,000. Terrafugia is currently taking order reservations along with refundable deposits of $10,000. For more information, visit

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