Paint PHX Mural Event Returns to Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, and Calle 16

Recently we spotted Phoenix artist Tato Caraveo in mural-painting mode at Paz Cantina on Roosevelt Row, where interior walls sport paintings by artists including Lalo Cota and a pair of sculptures now erupt from planters painted by Sabrino Peros and other local artists. You'll spot a new Lalo Cota mural by their nifty bikes, too.

There's a new mural by Angel Diaz and Thomas Breeze Marcus as well, which must be happy news to those who lamented the loss of the mural originally painted there. After folks noticed the earlier mural was painted over with a coat of parrot green, someone better at graffiti than grammar scribbled "Should of left this mural" in capital letters using red spray paint. We've also spotted Pablo Luna painting preliminary lines for his portion of another collaborative mural in progress at Paz Cantina. Come Paint Phx time, we're hoping to get a glimpse of Denver artist Gamma Acosta. Micheal Reyes at Paz Cantina tells me he'll be working a wall that's now covered with simple blue swirls. "It's a big deal," Reyes says of having the famed "Gamma" paint there.

It's a good time for folks in metro Phoenix to go into mural-watch hyperdrive, especially knowing that the advent Paint PHX, a four-day mural painting event, will soon be upon us. Last year, local artists launched the mural marathon that seems destined to become an annual affair.

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Lynn Trimble is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer specializing in arts and culture, including visual and performing arts
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