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Best Vegan Restaurant Phoenix 2012 - Pomegranate Cafe

Pomegranate Cafe

Pomegranate Cafe

4025 E. Chandler Blvd.

Ahwatukee, AZ 85048


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Readers' Choice: Pita Jungle

The best thing about this cute little eatery in Ahwatukee, owned and operated by mother-daughter team Marlene and Cassie Tolman, is the emphasis on tasty, healthy food. The fact that everything is vegan just happens to be a bonus for those who eat that way. Sure, the Tolmans source locally from surrounding farms and Valley businesses, ensure their fruits and vegetables are organic, offer gluten-free options, and make their vegan pastries and raw treats from scratch using natural sweeteners, but it's the deliciousness of the dishes that keeps us coming back for more. Open for breakfast and lunch, vegans and non-vegans alike can fill up on a.m. eats plus stellar sandwiches, soups, salads, and bowls washed down with primo smoothies in jars. We're especially partial to the wrap made of collard leaves called the Rainbow; the Grilled Cheese Napoleon with a lovely macadamia basil pesto; and the Super Green Kale Salad topped with crispy flax crackers. What, no meat or cheese? We hadn't even noticed.

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"What, no meat or cheese? We hadn't even noticed."


Then apparently you didn't look at the menu.


AZSunDevil is right. Pomegranate Cafe is NOT a vegan restaurant. They have dairy. You can even buy a case of local eggs from the refrigerator case. You wouldn't award Filiberto's best Italian restaurant, would you? I think the award should go to the runner-up. Assuming the runner up IS vegan...


Over Green?????  Pomegranate isn't a Vegan Restaurant!  It has vegan items, but isn't all vegan like Green.  What a joke!


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