Best of Phoenix 2017
Zac McDonald

Best Of Phoenix® 2017

We don’t want to jinx things, but we’ve got to say it.

Here in Phoenix, we’re the lucky ones.

Joe Arpaio’s no longer our county sheriff. There’s a taco truck on just about every corner, and a brewery, too. Our storms are called microbursts. And it really is a dry heat, even when it’s busting records and frying butts.

If you need any more reminders of just how awesome this place is, we’ve got 350 for you here in the 39th annual edition of Best of Phoenix, along with first-person stories and the history behind some of the city’s oldest superstitions, as well as suggestions for how to banish any bad luck you’ve been having.

Make a wish for us in the Deck Park Tunnel. Phoenix, you’re the best. (Knock wood.)

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