Best Of Phoenix® 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to the main attraction on the midway, the 30th Annual Best of Phoenix®!

Feast your eyes on 535 of our favorite things — all the best this fair city has to offer. In your hands you hold admission to everything from the freaky (body modifications, anyone?) to the geeky (looking for a typewriter?) with a delectable assortment of refreshments (corn dog, candy apple, snow cone?) thrown in to keep up your energy.

And you will need some stamina to make it through this issue. We may be 30, but we refuse to grow up; so we're throwing a carnival to celebrate everything about our city that's wonderful, wacky, and whimsical. Trust us, that's a lot. In this year's "Best Of," you'll step back in time to revisit old favorites like long-gone amusement park Legend City (and did you know there was once a Valley restaurant that housed circus animals?!) and encounter new traditions like Noca, the super-swank new foodie destination that serves cotton candy with dessert.

Please, dear visitors, don't forget to visit our Sideshow. We've got a high-flying acrobat, a juggling restaurateur, the king of kitsch, and other frenetic Phoenicians here for your delight and amusement.

Welcome to Thrill City. Hold on tight for the ride of the year.


The Hyperactive Human Spider
The Kitschy King of Camp
The High-Voltage Madman
The God-Loving Glam Goofball
The Soaring Soviet Sweetie
The Madame of Modification
The Death-Defying Strongman
The Hero of Honda Repair
The Queen of Quirky Taste
The Superstar Czar of Style
The Outrageously Odd Couple
The Super-Savvy Storekeeper
The Wine-Slingin' Risk Taker
The Beautiful Brown Diva
The Whiz Kids of Robotics
The Diva of Pickle Perfection
The Juggling Foodie Fanatic
The Masterful Mr. Tea
The Maestro of the Magic World
The Messiah of Metal
The She-Jay of 1,000 Tracks

Best Of Phoenix®

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