Miss Krystle

Miss Krystle @ Marquee Theatre

Miss Krystle has no problem holding her own on stage, thanks to operatic vocal chops and bright red hair that's as fiery as her personality. But the former beauty pageant queen turned local YouTube sensation vows audience members will keep all eyes on her five-member backing band of local musicians. "The band is amazing," says Krystle, herself a trained cellist, violinist, and pianist. "We've really developed a full show that is daring, unapologetic, sexy, and, most importantly, based on true musicianship." Miss Krystle already has racked up nearly a million views on her YouTube page, and she'll be performing her latest radio-ready track, "Kiss Me Boy," a song she'll include on her upcoming third album, which she's currently recording with local producer Gardner Cole. Attendees can also expect a Michael Jackson tribute at the show, featuring Phoenix-raised Jackson collaborator and X Factor contestant Nisha Kataria. Marquee is known for its dude-friendly rock shows, so it may be a while until the next time you'll see two future pop stars from the Valley share its stage.


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