Norah Jones

If you've sat alone in a Starbucks, if you've wandered aimlessly in a Borders bookstore, if you've gone shopping anywhere after 9 p.m., you've probably been quietly assaulted by Norah Jones' octa-Grammy-winning music and perhaps felt like you should be home doing something nice for yourself (the similar comfort zones between "Don't Know Why" and the Stouffer's "Nothing comes close to home" jingle have never been mentioned in print until now).

Jones followed up her 18-million-selling quiet jazz-pop debut album by adding an element of country, which might've smacked of a crossover marketing scheme if it came from a more in-your-face celebrity. Jones' ease as a performer is more evident on the new Feels Like Home, where she duets with Dolly Parton, tackles Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt, and writes lyrics over a Duke Ellington tune. How this translates in a concert setting depends on how transfixed you can be to a smoky voice and a stationary piano.


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