The 10 Best Love Songs by Phoenix Bands

It's not us. It's you.
It's not us. It's you.
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Everyone loves a great love song. Passionate hyperbole about the glowing light of romance's grand glory that can uplift and soothe an aching heart or nurture love's first embrace. Really, love just wouldn't be the same without great song to accompany it. There's just nothing better than hearing hit those high notes in or letting loose on

But songs such as Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" or Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" are classics -- and it's high time for them to be retired. In their place a new crop of love songs has grown -- a more realistic, less idealistic, more sarcastic, and a little less ecstatic breed of musical paeans that tell the story of love from a more down-to-earth perspective.

Unsurprisingly, many bands and artists in the Valley's music scene have penned their own odes to love -- some are breakup songs, while others are tumultuous tales of love affairs, and a few are even about love of a substance.

"Lay Me Down, Let Me Down" by D.G. Scherrer

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Marc Oxborrow of The Haymarket Squares has called Daryl "D.G." Scherrer "the greatest songwriter to ever come out of Phoenix," and perhaps it was after giving the song "Lay Me Down, Let Me Down," a good listen. On the recording, which features a solo performance by Scherrer, the song is a haunting ballad to love lost. When it's performed live with Haymarket Squares backing it up, it is one of the saddest things you will ever hear (in the good way, if that makes sense).

The song is just a beautifully composed old school country love song. "Try try try not to die alone / But love was always such a disappointment," sings Scherrer in his one-of-a-kind baritone of a man who was never fortunate enough to meet someone who really loved him.

"Cotton, Jane Doe" by decker.

This is a song about that melancholy kind of love where you and the S.O. may be at an impasse and don't know what to do. Maybe because they're not what you expected. As Brandon Decker sings, "Give me one moment that is real / Give me back all those moments which you steal / Well, I'll show you inner strength / When you show me you're not a fake." As the song progresses, the singer seems to find his way: "Pretend we never said what we said / Or meant what we did / If I could get a sincere word out of you I think I'd take a shit cause you did do what you did." By the end, he seemingly resolves himself to sort out his love problems. No one ever said that matters of the heart were easy.

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