Tiger Army @ Marquee Theatre

Rockabilly trio Tiger Army hasn't released a new record since Music from Regions Beyond in 2007, and they played all of two shows in 2010. So why are they touring now? Well, frontman Nick 13 — who is into transcendental meditation — must've had some kind of vision after releasing his self-titled solo album and touring to support it, perhaps a vision of once again performing familiar material in front of rabid, loyal fans. Not that Nick 13's solo record was bad, by any means — it's just pure Americana/country, without any touch of rock. And rock is what Tiger Army's known for — being a three-piece juggernaut of upright bass, jangling reverb guitar, and steady drums, led by Nick 13's boyish crooning about temptation, werecats, and the night. Tiger Army's more like a cross between Stray Cats and The Misfits, and nothing like Nick 13's solo homage to Townes Van Zandt and the Hank Williams clan. It'll be interesting to see what songs Tiger Army crams into its set this week. Fans will probably get what they know and want — songs like the fist-pumping "F.T.W." and the haunting punk ballad "LunaTone" — with maybe a few sonic shockers thrown in, like Nick 13's hillbilly folk song "Where the Moss Slowly Grows" or "Outlaw Heart," which sounds like a bouncy riff off "Folsom Prison Blues." Hopefully, Nick 13 saves the stripped-down solo material for his September show at the Rhythm Room and lets Tiger Army's raucous rockabilly rule the night.


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