Buckeye Band Teacher Brian Bizzell Busted Trying to Arrange "Quickie" With Underage Student

Brian Bizzell is a band teacher with the Buckeye Unified School District -- which is unfortunate considering he's also an alleged pederast.

Bizzell, who teaches at Estrella Foothills High School, was arrested early yesterday morning after police found evidence on one of his student's cell phones that he and the underage girl have been having sex.

In fact, Bizzell recently tried to arrange a "quickie" with the girl, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The relationship between Bizzell and the girl was unearthed when another student found the girl's cell phone at the school. In an attempt to identify the owner of the phone, the classmate looked at some old messages and noticed sexually charged text messages from someone named "Brian."

The student grew concerned when she was able to identify the owner of the phone, who is one of her classmates, and noticed that the screen saver on the phone was a picture of Bizzell.

The girl turned the phone over to authorities, who contacted the owner of the phone's parents -- who, as you might imagine, weren't thrilled to find out their daughter was having sex with one of her teachers.

The girl's father voluntarily retrieved his 17-year-old daughter's laptop and allowed police to look through old Skype conversations she'd had with Bizzell, which included talk about oral sex and masturbation.

The girl's parents told police their daughter knows Bizzell well, and had even been to his apartment.

Police then interviewed the alleged victim, who admitted to having sex with Bizzell. She told detectives she first met him when she was 13, and he became her band teacher when she was 14.

The first time there was any sexual contact, the girl told police, was in October of this year, when she was 17, at a band function in Avondale. According to the girl, the two kissed.

The sexual relationship escalated in recent months -- in November, the girl says she and Bizzell performed oral sex on each other in a sound booth in the band room at the high school. The two had actual intercourse earlier this month, again in the band room at the high school.

Following his arrest, Bizzell admitted to having sex with the girl, and knowing she was underage. Then he had to call his wife (yikes!).

During the conversation with his wife, Bizzell suggested that as soon as he was released from police custody, the two should pack up all their belongings and skip town. He later clarified the comments during his initial court appearance, telling court officials he meant he wanted to leave town after the case was resolved.

Bizell was booked on five counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one count of luring a minor for sexual exploitation. He's being held on $72,000 bond.


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