How to Vote in Arizona's Presidential Preference Election Today

If you're not registered as a Democrat, Green Party member, or Republican, you're not voting in today's election. Independents can relax, take a day off, and see what the partisan voters do. 

That's the first thing you need to know about today's important Presidential Preference Election in Arizona.

If you are registered and still haven't voted, then just follow along: It's super-easy.

* Any polling location will serve. If you're driving around town and see a sign that says "Vote Aqui," then yes, you can vote there. Pull in and cast your vote.

* At home or at work? Maricopa County's slick website has a page set up today that will help you find the three closest polling locations to any county address. For folks outside the county, or to find more election and voting info, go to the Arizona Secretary of State election site.

* If you have a mail-in ballot that you've been meaning to send, take it to a polling place. Bypass any lines you see, go to the blue box and drop in your envelope. Or get an envelope at the polling place before the drop.

* Polls close at 7 p.m.

That's it — you've helped decide whether Bernie will stay in the race for a few more months, or whether Trump will have a rockier road to nomination at this summer's Republican convention.

Of course, many of you already have voted early by mail: Sorry, Marco Rubio fans.

Results will be available after 8 p.m. today.

Independents, don't worry — your vote will count in Arizona's primary election, which is August 30. No presidential candidates will be on that ballot, but it will decide many key statewide and local races, like the the U.S. Senate nomination among Republicans John McCain, Kelli Ward and Alex Meluskey.

If you haven't registered to vote yet this year, you still have until August 1 to register for the primary, and until October 10 to register for the big election on November 8. But don't wait until the last minute — do it today. 
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