100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes 2015: Parillada at Asadero Norte de Sonora

This year we're marking the hundred-day countdown to Best of Phoenix 2015 by sharing some of our favorite dishes at restaurants all over the Valley. Have a suggestion for a dish you'd like us to try? Leave it in the comments section or email [email protected]

81. Parillada at Asadero Norte De Sonora

Walk into Asadero Norte De Sonora, the tiny, well-loved Mexican restaurant located on 16th Street between Washington and Van Buren, and you're likely to see at least half the customers digging into one of the restaurant's parilladas. These heavenly platters of meat come in either full or half sizes, with a full size suitable for an entire family and a half size making a generous meal for two. 

The half size (which, by the way, only costs you $13) lets you pick three types of meat from a list that includes costillo (rib), pastor, carne asada, lengua (tongue), barbacoa, and cabeza (beef head). Not only does the order include heaping, hot piles of these meats, it also comes with tortillas, roasted vegetables, charro beans, and salsa. We recommend also ordering a portion of guacamole, to cool the fire that's sure to take over your mouth when you get a taste of the restaurant's salsa. 

Ripping off pieces of tortilla to load up with a combination of meat and salsa and guacamole is pure pleasure. And when you get bored of, say, the tender pieces of fatty grilled steak, you can switch over to fill up on red, seasoned strips of pork. For adventurous diners, we recommend trying Asadero's lengua. The soft, flavorful tongue is some of the best we've had anywhere in town. 

The 100 Favorite Dishes so far...
100. Waffle at Matt's Big Breakfast 
99. Pacific White Fish Taco at La Santisima 
98. Beef Roll at Taiwan Food Express
97. Zinc Burger at Zinc Bistro
96. Goat Biryani at Khyber Halal 
95. Key Lime Doughnut at Welcome Chicken + Donuts
94. ChicharrĂ³n Prensado Quesadilla at La Merced
93. Moist Succulent Pork Chop at Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe
92. Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper from Nee House Chinese Cuisine
91. Coconut Raspberry Brownie at Karl's Quality Bakery
90. Fried Chicken at Phoenix Public Market Cafe
89. The Tyler at Cheese 'N Stuff
88. Hurricane Popcorn at Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour
87. Ceviche at El Chullo
86. Date Shake at Couscous Express
85. Red Bean and Rice Burger at Liberty Market
84. Banh Thit Nguoi at Da Vang
83. Breakfast Sandwich at Ollie Vaughn's
82. Crispy Pig Ears at Crudo 

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