10 More Dating Slang Terms You Need to Know for 2015

No matter how much you think you know about dating slang, there’s always more to learn. As everyone you know gets involved in relationships for the next six to eight months (welcome to cuffing season!), here are 10 more dating slang terms you should know.

You know those dudes with the super hipster haircuts, beards, flannel, etc.? You know, the ones who are clearly dressed to chop down a tree but have never touched a piece of wood (other than their own) in their life? That’s a lumbersexual. It’s a mix between a lumberjack and a metrosexual, not some weird term about people who get it on with a tree. Let’s just not go there.

Name Shame
Ever gotten to that point in a night (particularly at a bar) where the person you’re flirting with totally knows your name but theirs somehow escaped your mind? They’re cute, so you don’t want to tell them that you don’t remember whether it’s Alex or Jordan or Taylor (or some other ambiguous name), and there’s that tiny bit of disappointment mixed in with your futile attempts to re-learn their name? There’s a term for that, and it's "name shame."

Man Steak
Man steak goes beyond just the appearance, because while a dude might be a lovely piece of meat, it takes a fine grilling and seasoning process to be a steak. Example: Ryan Lochte (remember him?) is more like man chuck, whereas Hugh Jackman would totally be a fine man steak. Yeah, if dudes openly used a term like this for women, they’d never get laid again.

In short, it’s someone who likes dating more for the thrill of the hunt than the dating itself. It’s your friend who falls for someone super hard and pursues the pants off of them, but then once they’re actually together it becomes only a matter of weeks until they’re bored and off to the next one. We’d like to think the name comes from the elite alien hunting species rather than an earthly carnivore, but either works in this context.

Unfortunately, there will always be new ways to put down women. Whether you’re calling them wildebeests or warlocks or grenades (for those who miss the days of Jersey Shore), there’s no shortage of nicknames. This is the British word with the same meaning, and it is so much more fun to say than any American term. Plus, most people probably wouldn’t be offended by it because their entire knowledge of Great Britain comes from Downton Abbey.

Netflix and Chill
If there’s a dating term for Cuffing Season 2015, it has to be “Netflix and chill.” It’s the modern-day version of “You want to come over and watch a movie or something?” and it means exactly the same thing. It’s the booty call of all booty calls, although Netflix is usually on in the background. Yes, Netflix, we are still watching.

Long Term Relationship. It’s been around since the invention of online dating, but people still get confused about it every day.

An athletic person chosen as a partner (at least partially) for their abilities to presumably create an elite athlete. Some dudes (and women) out there are totally willing to give up looks, personality, and whatever else in order to give their potential offspring a better shot at being a first-round pick. Those people aren’t looking for love, they’re looking for a breeder.

Trap Queen
The Fetty Wap song you can’t go 20 minutes without hearing on the radio is also a term for a strong, loyal, and desirable woman. She’s the type you can see yourself with for the long-term, but will also be your lookout for when you’re making a drug deal. So, naturally, it’s been adopted by suburban white people all over the country to refer to themselves and their partners.

When you just straight up stop talking to someone for no apparent reason. It’s the latest dumb fad in breakups, and it’s probably not going away anytime soon considering how much it plays into people’s general laziness. We’re not fans, but you knew that already… Didn’t you?
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