10 Reasons BuzzFeed's "36 Reasons Why Arizona is the Best State" Sucks

By now you've probably seen BuzzFeed's trending post, "36 Reasons Why Arizona Is The Best State," and if you're like us you were disappointed because, given its 36 pathetic attempts at promoting state pride, this list bordered on satirical. Come on, "inde1500 /sebastiana2," is that the best you could come up with?

Don't get us wrong. We're not bashing our own home state, we're simply embarrassed by how short this list sells it. Between the bad puns and even worse exclusions, we've put together a list of the 10 reasons why BuzzFeed's "36 Reasons Why Arizona Is The Best State" is a joke.

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10. We'd like to see the agenda for a day that entails both of these activities. We imagine it starts somewhere around 5 a.m. for sunbathing and involves 9 p.m. night skiing.

9. Speaking of snow. We get it. It snows. Using an eighth of your list to keep bringing it up? That just looks desperate.

8. Bashing on New Jersey and Oklahoma? Low blow, inde1500 /sebastiana2. Low blow.

7. You might as well have said, "Look at this hole."

6. No. Just no.

5. Absolutely no mention of the food, the sports, or the arts and culture? That's just insulting.

4. From the looks of these photos you'd think Arizona had a population of 65, not 6.5 million. How did they even manage to make the freeways look abandoned?

3. Who the hell is doing all this driving?

2. Get what exactly? Geography? Basic vocabulary?

1. Saying that Arizona is a great state because it is closer to these even better attractions is the equivalent of telling us we're the girl with "the great personality."

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