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7 Father's Day Gift Ideas in Metro Phoenix

Despite the cringe-worthy jokes they make and their ability to tell the same five stories over and over again, dads are pretty great, and they completely deserve to have Sunday, June 21, be all about them. But instead of getting him another singing card this Father's Day, we've rounded up seven local gifts and activities to show your old man how much you really care. And maybe you can really make his day by laughing when you tell him you're hungry and he says, "Hi, Hungry. I'm dad." Okay, maybe just a small chuckle. 

Bow Tie from GROWop

Sure, the cliche thing to do to show your father how much you appreciate him is to buy him a tie on Father's Day, but we know you're more original than that. We know you'd want something a little more quirky, maybe a little more stylish. We know you'd want to give your dad a bow tie. And GROWop, 902 North 6th Street, has a variety of both new and vintage ones for about $20. Oh, and they also have a lovely selection of ties, if you want to stick with a more traditional approach. For more information, see or call 602-714-5256. The inventory at GROWop is always changing, though, so we would recommend just going down and perusing the store in person. 

Grid Bike Membership

If you're dad likes to stay active and explore the downtown Phoenix area, purchasing a Grid Bike membership would be perfect. Monthly memberships are $30, while yearly memberships are $79. Both include an hour of riding daily. Make an event of it with an afternoon bar crawl to all of your dad's favorite watering holes downtown. Grid Bikes also offer rentals for $5 per hour. For more information, including Grid Bike's coverage area, and to purchase a membership, visit

Merch from His Favorite Local Bar

We're pretty sure nothing would look better on your old man during that bike bar crawl than a T-shirt from his favorite local spot. Or maybe he'd prefer to keep his beer cool and represent his favorite music venue by gripping a coozy sporting that venue's well-designed logo. Either way, consider picking up a few different kinds of merchandise from your pop's favorite hangout for a Father's Day gift he can use again and again. We love the designs Crescent Ballroom offers, but that's just us. Their shirts, coozies, and more range from $1 to about $15. 

Socks from Frances

Imagine your dad sitting in a business meeting. He's made a great pitch, and the clients all but signed the dotted line. Then your dad cooly crosses his leg and flashes the colorful, patterned pair of socks you picked up for him at Frances, 10 West Camelback Road. We bet his client couldn't grab the pen fast enough. Even if a cool pair of socks didn't seal a business deal, they sure would make a good impression, all thanks to you. Frances has a variety of colors and styles, so take your pick. For more, call 602-279-5467 or visit the store. 

Golf Package at The Graduate

If you want to blow your dad's socks off (maybe even the ones you just picked up from Frances), check out the Close Approach golf package at The Graduate Tempe, 225 East Apache Boulevard, is offering currently and plan a mini staycation. With a one night stay, you'll also receive 18 holes of play at either the ASU Karsten or Papago golf courses. After you hit the green, enjoy the $25 credit to either The Normal or Tapacubo back at the hotel. For more information and to book a room, visit or call 480-967-9431. 

A Pair of Boots from Saba's

Let your dad take advantage of being out in the Wild West and get in touch with his inner cowboy with a pair of boots from Saba's, Arizona's Original Western Store. They've got everything from a dressy pair he could wear into the office to a solid pair he could wear doing work around the ranch, er, house. Either way, Saba's, 3965 North Brown Avenue in Scottsdale, has pairs in almost every style and color you could think of. Boots range from $85 to $575. For more info, visit

Hot Shave from Gentleman Joe's 

Just because he's your dad doesn't mean he doesn't need a little pampering every once in a while. And there's no better way for a guy to get a little TLC than a hot shave. Not only does Gentleman Joe's, 10 West Adams Street, offer luxurious shaves, they also have lemon cream facials. Get your pop the deluxe treatment with a shampoo, haircut, hot shave, lemon cream facial, and a shoe shine for $40. For more information, including a complete service menu, visit

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