100 Creatives

72: Daniel Funkhouser

When we last put the spotlight on 100 creative forces in Phoenix, it was no secret there were more than 100 individuals who were making waves in the local arts community. So as we count down to our annual Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome (back) to 100 Creatives

Daniel Funkhouser swears his last name is indeed his real last name -- he just lucked out. The local artist was born in Phoenix and is currently a member of Downtown's eye lounge, a contemporary art space.

"I loved to draw as a child, learned a variety of printmaking techniques in high school, studied Painting at ASU, and have continued to learn, experiment, and play with new mediums like photography, performance, and whatever unusual materials I can find," he says. "My work is predominantly self-portraiture, but I enjoy working with other people and plan to start using more friends and models in future pieces."

I came to Phoenix with . . . I was born here (Good Samaritan Hospital) but grew up in North Phoenix. As I became more acquainted with the pockets of artists, musicians, and weirdos downtown, it's felt like a much different city from where I was raised. I came here with a new understanding of where I was born.

I make art because . . . I've made it a long time and it still makes sense to me. Making and consuming art has always enriched my life.

I'm most productive when . . . I'm trying out something new. Deadlines are great motivators too, but what gets me excited and into the studio is a new idea or project.

My inspiration wall is full of . . . my friends' art. The back wall of my studio is artwork I've collected, mostly through trade. It's great having art I like by people I like around my workspace.

I've learned the most from . . . saying "Yes." It leads to many opportunities, collaborations, and fun stories. The successes are great and often pay off in surprising ways. There are also a lot of failures, but at least I can take advantage and learn from them.

Good work should always . . . be a punch in the gut - something that shakes a person up and stays with them.

The Phoenix creative scene could use more . . . crazy things. All the time. There's never too much.

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