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'Amazing Ink' Comic Cover Show Seeking Entries

Paul Golfen

sees comic book art in everyday life. When a young woman walks by, he points out how her glasses might be turned into goggles when drawn in certain comics.

Now, he's calling on local artists to share their comic book visions too.

The "Amazing Ink" Comic Cover Show, an exhibition at Arizona State University's Step Gallery, is now seeking submissions to be shown in November.

The exhibition will feature about 20 of the best made-up superhero comic or pulp novel covers chosen by a panel of judges led by Golfen, the exhibition's curator.

Event and submission details are after the jump ...

For the theme of the submitted work, there's only one restriction: it must be "socially relevant."

"It's not 'let's just make some comic book covers,'" Golfen, an Intermedia major at ASU, says. Comics get too much flack when "behind them there's all these social themes," he says.

Beyond that, the work needs to have a title, edition number, and a publisher's logo created by the artist. It also needs to be near the classic comic size -- 10.5-by-6.5 inches.

The idea came to Golfen, he says, when he noticed comic books hitting the pop culture scene big time through movies (Ironman, Batman, Scott Pilgrim, etc.).

"Everyone knows [the characters] whether you're reading them or not," he says. "There aren't any people who haven't grown up without comic books."

To submit your entry for the exhibition, send a .jpg of your work to amazing.ink1@gmail.com. Entries will be accepted until Nov. 2. The show runs from Nov. 8-12 with an opening reception Nov. 9.

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