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Arizona Is Full of Douchebags, According to Estately

When it comes to picking a place to party, a lot of things need to be factored in: the venue, the driving, and of course, the potential number of douchebags you're going to encounter

While douchebaggery isn't that hard to spot -- what with the man jewelry, tight shirts, and Jäger bombs -- real estate blog Estately has set out keep the d-bag experience to a near minimum, by putting together a list of top douchiest cities in America.

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To create this highly necessary list, Estately looked at the 100 most populated cities and ranked them according to the number of residents with Facebook interests it considered to be douchey. These interests included: Nickleback, Monster Energy, Axe Body Spray, Ed Hardy, Vin Diesel, Chris Brown, Tosh.O, Mixed Martial Arts, Bluetooth, and Dane Cook.

Sadly, Arizona made multiple appearances on this list starting with Glendale. The West Valley city was ranked sixth followed by Tucson at 11th, Chandler at 21st, Mesa at 25th, Gilbert at 30th, Phoenix at 40th, and Scottsdale at 87th.

Admittedly, it wasn't Scottsdale's appearance on this list that surprised us but rather the fact that it was ranked last.

Then again, much like sexually transmitted infections, douchebaggery comes in many different forms and afflictions (including Affliction). So we imagine that had Estately compiled another list of cities, this time using douchey interests that are relevant to say, 2014 (Nickleback, really?), we imagine certain cities would reclaim their much-deserved title.

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