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artHAUS Condos Coming to Midtown Phoenix

For those who feel they can never be too close to arts and culture venues such as Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Theatre, or Arizona Opera, there's a new condominium development being built right in the heart of midtown. 

Jason Boyer is both architect and developer for the new residential development called artHAUS, which is located at 1717 North First Avenue. The name references its location amidst the thriving arts and culture scene in metro Phoenix. Located along the Light Rail, near the Central and McDowell stop, it's also relatively close to the Heard Museum and Roosevelt Row

No artist live-work spaces are included in the complex's plans, and there's no space set aside for visual or performing art. But it's been designed to foster resident engagement with neighborhood spaces, says Greg Kilroy of The Velocity Group, which is handling marketing and sales for the development. 

Rather than building a compound-like structure, Kilroy says Boyer opted to create a space devoid of coffee shop, workout gym, and other elements that tend to promote residents staying on-site rather than venturing out to explore small businesses and area attractions.

They broke ground in May, and expect to finish construction by May 2016, which is when Boyer says people should be able to move in. They're currently taking reservations for six types of units which range in size from 560 to 1,800 square feet. They're priced at $156,000 to $490,000.

Marketing materials describe the 25-unit development as a "model transit-oriented residential urban in-fill development." It's located on a lot previously owned by the city, which Boyers says sat vacant for well over a decade.

Although he currently lives near 44th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix, Boyer notes that the first house he bought in Phoenix was located in the historic Fairview Place Historic District, which is located just south of midtown. Boyer hold a masters in architecture degree from ASU.

He's been an architect for more than two decades, currently serving as principal for artHAUS as well as community and lifestyle studio director for the Phoenix office of an architectural firm called Gensler.

Boyer says he frequents the midtown scene, and is pleased that the arts and culture which has been there for some time is finally starting to get more of the attention it deserves. Boyer sees midtown as an important anchor between downtown Phoenix and the Camelback corridor. 

The artHAUS website links to diverse neighborhood resources, including the Willo Historic District, Valley Metro, 10 arts and culture venues grouped under "Arts District," more than two dozen markets and restaurants, Hance Park, and downtown Phoenix attractions. 

It's possible, he says, that artHAUS will host events showcasing works by local artists at some point. He's thinking shared courtyard spaces have room for such things, but figures he'll talk with artist or arts organizations about possible partnerships once the artHAUS is fully in place.

For now, he's using arts and culture as a lure, hoping it helps to attract residents. 

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