Atomic Comics Screens Local Sci-Fi Web Series Probed: Signals this Weekend

Phoenix is the perfect place to communicate with aliens. That's the idea behind Probed: Signals, an original sci-fi web series showing at Atomic Comics in Mesa this Saturday, April 24, as part of the store's "Drive-In Movie Night."

The series follows the fictional story of Phoenician Carter Fox (played by Kevin Herrmann), who discovers a strange signal that he believes is coming from another planet. The signal seems to follow him everywhere, and as he and his friends Chrissy (Leslie Wall), Mondo (Owen Virgin), and Fizzy (Nichole Nance) research the signals, they begin to piece together a puzzle that will not only reveal some things about the universe, but the characters themselves.

Webb Pickersgill, named 2009 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year at the Phoenix Film Festival, served as cinematographer and co-producer for the web series. He says Probed: Signals was partly inspired by the popular TV series The X-Files, but more so by the mysterious "Phoenix Lights" phenomenon in 1997. "The Valley is known for things like the Phoenix Lights, stories of alien abduction, and sci-fi weirdness," Pickersgill says. "We wanted to make the Valley the basis for the story; the whole series is built around it."

Each episode is between five and seven minutes, and watching them is time well spent. "They don't take up a lot of time in the middle of everyone's busy day," Pickersgill says. "And it doesn't look like it was shot with a hand cam -- it's professional, high-end production, like you would see on TV."

The first seven episodes of Probed: Signals will screen at "Drive-In Movie Night" at Atomic Comics in Mesa on Saturday, April 24. Pickersgill, along with Probed: Signals writer and director Joel Cranson, will be attendance to answer questions and take photos. The free event runs from 6 to 9 p.m., and includes screenings of the Star Wars fan film Spirits of the Force, and the short films Appetite for Justice and Following Suit. Call 480-649-0807 for more information.

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