Beet Punch at RUMbar

Dwayne Allen of the RUMbar in Downtown Phoenix, may have just discovered the best remedy to your summer work week -- introducing, a-RUM-a-therapy.

The recently launched punch social hour is delivered Monday through Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. at $5 per glass and features $6 appetizers to pair.

Throughout the summer, the RUM bar will feature new, nightly batches of fresh squeezed ingredients for patrons to enjoy, with the explanation that no two batches are the same.

Stay long enough for the two-hour punch social and you may get to enjoy several varieties of what Dwayne refers to as the "sangria of Jamaica." In fact, last night's a-RUM-a-therapy featured quite a few refreshing variations of the RUMbar's Beet Punch.

The Beet Punch packs a plethora of flavorful hints such as Jamaican pimento berries, fresh squeezed pineapple, grapefruit, orange, and beet juices, floating blueberries, and of course, rum (Appleton Estates V/X and Coruba Dark to be specific.)

But when you're making rum punch in such large quantities it's hard to nail down exact measurements (note: you can't just multiple a cocktail times ten). So when it comes to making your own batch, Dwayne suggests that you measure to taste.

We like the way you think, Dwayne.


Fresh squeezed beet juice Fresh squeezed orange juice Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice Fresh squeezed pineapple juice Fresh squeezed lemon juice Fresh squeezed lime juice Pimento berries Blueberries Appleton Estate VX Rum Floater of Coruba Dark


Combine ingredients into a large punch bowl, beginning with the non-alcoholic ingredients. Taste to measure, until desired a-RUM-a-therapy is reach. Try not to get to drunk before the punch is even finished.

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