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Phoenix Podcasts You Need to Hear

Phoenix podcast The Call highlights the stories of law enforcement and firefighters while on duty.
Phoenix podcast The Call highlights the stories of law enforcement and firefighters while on duty. Courtesy of The Call Podcast
Pokémon, law enforcement, and Arizona wine have a little more in common than what you might think. All three are topics covered by some of Phoenix's best podcasts.

Of course, you can find a podcast on pretty much any and every topic, and those based in the Valley are no exception. If you've been meaning to tune into something new while you hit the gym, drive to work, or veg out, we've got you covered. Here's a list of podcasts you can tune into anytime.

Finding Arizona Podcast
Jose Acevedo founded Finding Arizona Podcast in 2015, and he's been interviewing local business owners ever since. This weekly podcast focuses on the owners’ passions to highlight the diversity in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Described as "a podcast of Arizona, for Arizona, by Arizona," the conversations in the podcast tell the story from the owner's point of view. With local guests like Phoenix's The Morning Mess host, Natasha Castles, and the entrepreneurs behind Tuft & Needle, this podcast should be in your lineup if you're looking for some inspiration as an aspiring entrepreneur or you love to shop. Check out episodes on iTunes, Soundcloud, and the Finding Arizona Podcast website.

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A firefighter on duty.
Courtesy of The Call Podcast
The Call (Stories From Behind the Badge)
A podcast that shares the stories of law enforcement and firefighters while on-duty, The Call (Stories From Behind the Badge) gives us a glimpse into the day-to-day life of those who serve. Sponsored by the 100 Club of Arizona, a nonprofit organization that supports public safety, episodes cover fire departments in Peoria to police departments in Tempe where you can tune in and listen to episodes like "There Is No Routine Call" and "Call Your Wife." You can listen to their stories on The Call website.

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Behind the scenes of an Arizona Music Podcast episode.
Courtesy of Nick Tantillo
Arizona Music Podcast
Keeping up with the local music scene, Arizona Music Podcast delivers one-on-one conversations and musical sessions with local talent you didn't know you needed to know about — until now. The monthly podcast goes beyond the artist and highlights the photographers, promoters, and creatives that make it all possible covering the Arizona music scene from different perspectives. Local artists like Serena Nicolle, Nino Lucarelli, and Clementine have made appearances, so if you've been looking to support local music and podcasts, you're in the right place. Check out the latest on Soundcloud and iTunes.

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Mike Enders and Charles Engle, the Phoenix-based comedians behind Please Send Nudes.
Courtesy of Mike Enders
Please Send Nudes
This podcast is completely as obscene and hilarious as it sounds. Listen to Phoenix-based comedians Mike Enders and Charles Engle talk about their personal dating life, discuss some questionable new stories, and roast each other during the Please Send Nudes Podcast. One-upping the "send nudes" vines that went viral for their unsubtle ways of asking someone to see their junk, the duo remixes your favorite tracks PSN style, play the area-code game on occasion, and discuss topics you couldn't find anywhere else. With a new episode every week, you can catch their latest on Soundcloud and iTunes.

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Janell Hughes
Limited Engagement
Covering all aspects of arts and culture in Phoenix, Limited Engagement's episodes highlight creatives within the scene every week. Creator and host Jared Duran talks to local artists, writers, musicians, and everyone in between. In Duran's words, if it has to do with arts and culture, you can probably find it on the show. Catch him talking with country band The SunPunchers, the artists behind Mop & Bucket Press, and author Venita Blackburn, just to name a few. Listen to the most recent episodes on the Limited Engagement website, iTunes, and Soundcloud.

Absolute Geek Podcast
Self described as "lifelong Phoenix-based geeks," the men behind the Absolute Geek Podcast don't disappoint in sharing the latest in geek news. Discussing their opinions on all things geek, hosts Matt Alward, Kellan McCall, Jose Chimichanga, and Kyle Stinson talk comics, movies, news, and TV in their bi-monthly podcast. The podcast also ventures into pop culture and talks about Marvel versus DC Comics, The Walking Dead, and of course, Comic Con. Interested in geeking-in? You can catch their latest episodes on Soundcloud and iTunes.

The Arizona Wine Monk
With a love for wine that goes unmatched, host Cody Vladimir Burkett is letting his audience live vicariously through him in his podcast, The Arizona Wine Monk. Since 2014, Burkett has drunk and discussed most everything that Arizona's growing wine industry offers. Get constant updates, new reviews, and some tips and tricks for pairing wine, through the latest episodes on his website and Soundcloud.

Abnormal Entertainment

It's as promising as it sounds. Abnormal Entertainment is dedicated to bringing to you some of the most diverse content, hosting more than 14 podcasts that cover topics from comics, books, forgotten movies, and reviews about all of the above. Find a comedic approach to current events from Raise Your Spirits. If you're in the mood for something a little more politically charged and serious, tune in to No Cry Zone. Whatever type of podcast you're looking for, chances are Abnormal Entertainment has it. Check out the podcasts in their network and listen to your favorite on their website.

Four Eyed Radio Network
Hinting at the level of geeky content just by the name of the network, Four Eyed Radio is home to 11 podcasts that cover topics ranging from comedy and entertainment to pop culture and gaming. Catch some of the weekly, biweekly, monthly, and periodic podcasts like Socially Awkward, or Victory Road — A Pokémon Podcast, to totally geek out to on the daily. If you've been looking for that one special arcade, Star Trek, or sport podcast —look no further. Search and listen to your favorite on the Four Eyed Radio website.
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