Bike Saviours To Auction Off Sweet Road Bikes

Cycling this time of year may be like riding into an oven, but if you're going to do it, feel free to look super awesome doing so, thanks to a Tempe-based cycling co-op.

Now through June 19, Bike Saviours, the non-profit bicycle collective (founded in 2007) located at 601 University Drive, is auctioning off three used road bikes. According to the co-op, each pimp ride has complete gear and brake systems. They also state that the bikes may take some maintenance work, but here's a bonus: the collective, which specializes in bicycle education, will teach you the know-how for free.

Learning stuff rocks.

Back in March, Bike Saviours - with the help of Rusty Spoke, Tempe Bicycle Action Group, and the Tempe and Paradise Valley REI stores - presented a used bike donation drive to the public. The shindig went so well that the co-op decided to hold this current auction that culminates with a Summer Solstice bike ride and barbecue on Saturday, June 19.

To bid, show up at the shop. Hang out for a while because the folks there are way laid back and friendly.

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