Come Up and See Their Etchings

Despite what the show's title might lead you to believe, not all of the works included in the exhibition "You Draw Like a Girl," currently on view at Arizona State University's Downtown Center Galleria, are drawings, nor are all of the participants female. According to Sherrie Medina, participating artist and organizer of the exhibition, the show's intent is not to focus upon traditional drawings, but to "broaden and reinterpret the idea of drawing."

This is accomplished by the inclusion of work using media that traditionally haven't been connected with the process of drawing, such as ceramics, collage, metal sculpture and fiber works. Medina originally intended to include only female artists in the show, but reconsidered when several male artists asked that their work be displayed. Rather than being treated as the token male participants, the presence of their work represents what Medina describes as "a respectful exchange between men and women" that "helps to build a better support system for everyone involved." Six of the 18 artists represented are male: Matt Proctor, Jeremy Birddell, Azdine Sedjal, Nick Sudthisa, Ernest Lopez and Paul Wandless. The female roster includes the work of Nori Pao, Virginia Sardi, Maggie Leininger, Hisu Kim, Gingher Leyendecker, Nisha Drinkard, Sara Carlson, Isa Gordon, Sue Chenoweth, Cyndi Coon, Jennifer Marie Walker and Janice Henderson.

Located in a diminutive hallwaylike space at ASU's Downtown Center Galleria, the show is intended to be intimate. This is reflected in the sizes of the works in the show, which mimic the space that houses them--most are smaller than eight-by-ten inches. For those interested in picking up a piece or two, some of the works will be for sale.

--Kaytie Johnson

"You Draw Like a Girl" continues through Wednesday, September 30, at ASU's Downtown Center Galleria, located on the second floor at 502 East Monroe in downtown Phoenix. 248-9096.

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Kaytie Johnson