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Cycle: Reveal the Path Documentary Gets North Valley Screening

All of you fans of the bike-'til-you-drop documentary Ride the Divide rejoice. The brand new follow-up film, Reveal the Path, will have a special screening July 2 at Fatso's Pizza in North Phoenix.

Reveal the Path follows Tour Divide champion and pedal turning automaton Matthew Lee and Prescott-based endurance freak Kurt Refsnider as they tour various terrains around the globe and explore "what it means to live an inspired life using the bicycle as a mechanism to explore, dream and discover."

Reveal the Path looks to focus more on the amazing experience of adventure cycling over the previous film's agony of endurance and competition.

Reveal the Path Trailer from Mike Dion on Vimeo.

Based on the Reveal the Path trailer, the film follows Lee, Refsnider and a few fellow cycling compatriots through parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Without question, the cinematography looks simply stunning and worth the price of admission alone.

Ride the Divide depicted the exploits of cyclists participating in the Tour Divide (this year's race is currently underway), a 2,700 mile self-supported mountain bike race that transverses the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to the US/Mexico border in New Mexico.

Tickets for the July 2 screening, presented by North Phoenix bike shop Sunday Cycles, Fatso's Pizza and, are $13 each (only about 60 still remain) and each admission includes a personal pan pizza. Entrance for the screening begins at 7:30 p.m. and the movie will roll at 8 p.m.

To purchase tickets, contact Sunday Cycles at 480-440-2142.

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