Earth to Tempe

When the bar scene is too hot and the club scene is too cold, DJs Natasha Diggs and Mosha know just what to mix to make the night feel just right at Tempe's State Side Grill (formerly Zoom Room) on College and Fifth Street. The fluidity of the featured vibes is treasured by regulars of this secluded soulful spot, which invites all ages to simply "come as they are" (with ID at the bar). Glass panels that span from floor to lofty ceiling recede to create a signature airy essence within the lounge as the lady jockeys treat vinyl like Mr. Miyagi's proverbial car cloth by waxing on rare groove, funk, soul, funky hip-hop, house, reggae and jazz. Named after the natural feel and quality of music mixed, this stigma-free showcase, titled "Earthtones," allows Diggs, 22, and Mosha, 24, to share their down-tempo and eclectic crate-dug findings Saturdays from 9 p.m. to closing time. No cover. Call 480-921-9666 for details. -- Jonathan Winters


From the altar to a demolition derby

Fri 8/13
The institution known as marriage can be downright scary for a man. It's been known to drive our Y chromosomes to therapy and to the nearest strip club. But in Last Man Running, a comedic feature film directed by Damon Stantostefano, it drives lead character Richie to simply, uh, drive -- head-on into a demolition derby. On Friday, August 13, Copper Square hosts a free showing of the movie as part of its ongoing film series at 8:30 p.m. just south of the railroad tracks next to Coach & Willie's, 412 South Third Street. Bring a chair. Call 602-254-8696 or see -- Joe Watson

New Latitude

Ladies night

Don't believe the hype when Ted Turner tries to pass off his highly sanitized version of Sex and the City as being the real thing. (Ever tried organic Chunky Monkey? Watching SATC on TBS is a lot like that.) Then again, now that Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda have exited our boob tubes, what's a girl to do? Well, don't just lust after the life, baby -- live it. At Latitude 30 (7777 South Pointe Parkway), ladies are pampered every Thursday night from 6 to 10 with cocktails like "Pink Dreams" (Skyy vodka and pink lemonade) and "Plush Blush" (a Malibu rum frou-frou concoction with lots of juices), as well as appetizers like Asian "Pink Lipstick" spring rolls and sugar cane sticks with seared curry chicken. "It's more upscale, more upbeat. It's not a dance-club-type ladies' night," says Rachel Harms, Latitude 30's assistant manager. "It's definitely a Sex and the City environment." Call 602-431-6472 or see -- Joe Watson

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Joe Watson
Jonathan Winters