THU 5/12
"Clothing, just like your being, has a constant energy flowing around you," says fashion designer Kenyata Baraka, a.k.a. "Queen Be." Her imaginative designs fall into the urban clothing style, and each handcrafted piece strives to harness a "continuous energy of peace, power and love that will leave you totally transformed," says the Queen. LabelHorde Fashion owner and president Rhonda Zayas says, "Her pieces are full of texture and unique touches. The way the fabric is shredded on some pieces gives them a raw feel, but still very feminine with lovely movement and flow." On Thursday, May 12, Baraka presents the Rippstyle Clothing Queen Be Fashion Show at the Paper Heart, 750 Grand Avenue. Beginning at 10 p.m., models will be showing off 25 original pieces. Fashion professionals ranging from hair and makeup artists to clothing designers will be on hand for networking opportunities. Since Queen Be incorporates the power of music into her designs, the show will also feature musical performances by the monarchs, the Junglist Souljah dance group, and DJ Jimi the Mantis Claw of Morse Code. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $7. Call 602-262-2020 or see -- Steve Jansen

Grills and Thrills
You like-a the sauce

SAT 5/14
Smear that sauce all over your lips -- it's barbecue, baby! The Arizona Barbecue Festival takes place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, May 14. Grill gurus will vie for your palate with chicken and ribs, while Harry Luge and Haywire, and The Pistoleros tickle your eardrums with tunes. Smell the smoke at Margaret T. Hance Park, 1106 North Central. Admission costs $5 to $10. Call 480-720-7978. -- Niki D'Andrea

All Wet
Streams of art at SMoCA

Our relationship with water is as convoluted as our feelings about an attractive but flawed ex; we purchase bottles of glacial spring water at prices that make the cost of gas seem cheap, yet use the same substance to flush our shit down the toilet. This enigmatic behavior is the focus of the exhibition "Water, Water, Everywhere . . . ," in which acclaimed international artists use water as a theme to explore cultural, social and political issues. The show opens on Saturday, May 14, and runs through September 4 at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 7374 East Second Street. Admission is $7 but is waived on Thursdays. Call 480-994-2787 or see -- Douglas Towne

Great Clips
SCC rolls annual film fest

THU 5/12
Somewhere in the hills of Hollywood, dung is being packaged in a shiny box. There are plans for a trilogy. An executive is thrilled. He's just learned that a soft drink company wants to sponsor the whole damn thing. And there's even talk of free hats. Free hats! Cut. Somewhere deep in the suburbs of Phoenix, young filmmakers are taking matters into their own hands. There's talk of integrity. Whispers of originality. Promise of entertainment! Unfortunately, though, no free hats. See local film school talent, from one of the country's best-kept secrets, on Thursday, May 12, when the Scottsdale Community College Motion Picture/Television Department presents the 25th annual MPTV Film/Video Fest at Valley Art Theatre, 505 South Mill in Tempe. If you like your entertainment dung-free, the films start at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5. Call 480-446-7272. -- Aaron Burckle

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