Footloose Star to Teach Phoenix Dance Class

The star of Footloose is in town this week for a little toe-tapping seminar at Dance Studio 111 in Phoenix.

No, not Kevin Bacon -- he's busy riding the wave of box office success from his turn as supervillain Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class. We're talking about Kenny Wormald, the MTV's Dancelife performer who was tapped to replace Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford in the upcoming remake due in theaters this fall.

Wormald will host junior, intermediate and advanced level classes starting at 10:30 p.m. this Thursday, June 16. Cost is $50 each or $85 for two classes, and today is the last day to enroll.

In the meantime, we thought we'd give Kenny a few pointers on how to better replicate Kevin Bacon's star turn as Ren McCormack in the original Footloose. Because, though Wormald might have an edge in the footwork department, the flick won't be the same without a little bit of Bacon's signature '80s style.

1. Get gellin': Though we can't confirm the actual product used on Bacon's signature retro 'do, we suspect he spiked, flattened and tousled his mane with dippity-do and/or Aqua Net. Those in Wormald's generation likely have no idea what the eff those products are, but he can always turn to the Interwebs where they are both sold in modern sport formulas.

2. Rock the acid-wash jeans: Dudes have foregone the light jeans look for decades now, but bleached pants that create a hint of cameltoe were all the rage in the original Footloose era. Wormald is cute enough that we'll overlook the chunky thighs and saggy ass created by these unfortunately cut and colored '80s pants. We promise.
3. Master the partial smile: Kevin Bacon built his career on that half-smile that never quite reaches his cheeks. Bonus: If Wormald keeps it up, he won't need Botox for his smile lines a decade from now.

4. Make white the new black: Clearly Bacon's character of Ren was the neatest, cleanest guy around, because he managed to wear pristine white shirts in half the film without spilling coffee on his tank top or ending up with bacon grease on his collar. Conveniently, stores have seen a recent influx of crisp, clean whites that would up Wormald's Bacon-factor while simultaneously proving he isn't a slob.

5. Play up the Bacon connection: Everyone's played the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game before -- the lower the number you have, the higher the Bacon street cred. Wormald's Footloose co-star Ray McKinnon worked on Apollo 13 with Bacon, giving Wormald a respectable Bacon score of 2 that he can tout on trivia nights at bars around the country.      

To check out another actor's Bacon score, visit The Bacon Oracle (seriously). 

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