Best of Phoenix 2018: Georganne Bryant's Favorite Local Spots

Best of Phoenix 2018: Georganne Bryant's Favorite Local Spots
Carrie Wheeler
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“A lot of the businesses I frequent are pretty much within throwing distance of my store,” says Frances Boutique owner Georganne Bryant. She loves Fàme Caffe, for instance, just up Central Avenue. “The service there is very professional, straight out of old-school cafes. I have never ordered anything there that I didn’t love. I’ve really gotten to know the owners, Maria and Yvonne, and they even named a menu item after me!”

When she does venture farther from home, Bryant loves the Bookmans on 19th and Northern avenues. “This goes back to when I was a kid in Tucson,” she explains. “My dad would take me there. It’s so nice to go into a clean, well-curated, well-organized store of that size.” She loves how community-oriented the owner and staff are, and how much fun it is to buy used magazines at Bookman’s. “Where else can you do that?” she wonders.

When she’s not shopping or dining, Bryant likes to hike the North Mountain Preserve trails, always followed by a trip to Rainbow Donuts. “My husband and I hike a lot, and we figure we’ve been doing something healthy, so we deserve a doughnut,” she laughs. “They’re so good, and their doughnuts are very distinctive. They’re all I want for my birthday.”

Bryant is big on decorating for the holidays. “Back east, they have all these big nurseries where you go buy a fall wreath for your front door or a Christmas tree in December,” she says, a little wistfully. “So I go to Whitfill Nursery and walk around, looking at all the great plants and pretending I’m a Midwesterner.”

• Fàme Caffe (4700 North Central Avenue, 602-314-4660) is great for breakfast meetings. And you can order a Georganne’s Negroni there!

• Bookmans (8034 North 19th Avenue, 602-433-0255) is such a hidden gem. I buy old Arizona Highways there for pennies, and it’s such a well-merchandized store.

• Rainbow Donuts (1347 East McDowell Road, 602-256-7404) are the best. I’ve eaten doughnuts all around the country, and so far, these are the tastiest I’ve had.

• I love the family-owned feeling of Whitfill Nursery (824 East Glendale Avenue, 602-944-8479), especially around the holidays.

• I just bought a turntable at Stinkweeds (12 West Camelback Road, 602-248-9461). It’s great to be buying record albums again!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.