Handmade Riot to Unveil New Furniture, Crafts, and More for Crafeteria 2012

When we last spoke with James Waldron and Nicole Whittington, the creative forces behind Handmade Riot, the two were just getting things rolling with their independent business creating toys, postcards, and home accessories.

The couple promised to have new and exciting things before year's end. Make no mistake, they delivered -- and right in time for Crafeteria 2012.

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Aside from the unique and efficient floating honeycomb shelving units and handmade wooden postcards, which are still available, Handmade Riot will bring a handful of new inspired items including toys, furniture, clothing, and more to the table.

"On the fun side, we have two new pull toys (an elephant and a whale), animal story sliders, brightly colored popsicle coasters, and "Laker Hater" tank tops all screen printed by hand (go Suns!!)," write Waldron and Whittington.

There is also a limited wall-mounted deer antler coat hanger available on the Handmade Riot Etsy page.

However, it's perhaps Handmade Riot's new Eames inspired kid's rocking chair that may be the highlight of the new items available.

"As mid century chair collectors, we couldn't help but be inspired by Herman Miller," they write. "The original inspiration for the chair came about because we wanted to experiment with bending wood."

You can check out most of these items by visiting Handmade Riot's Etsy page or stopping by Crafeteria 2012, which will be happening December 7 from 6 p.m to 10 p.m. at Frances Vintage located at 10 W. Camelback Road.

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