Head Case

Pity Brian H. His life hasn't been the same since a mysterious government agency, devoted entirely to controlling his mind, began dogging his every move. The 50-ish former investment banker has taken to sleeping in his car and hiding out in Wal-Mart parking lots just to get a little peace. But still the agents of this nefarious organization -- most of them women carrying purses and flashing wicked grins -- seek out Brian and attempt to boil his brain with weird, ultrasonic devices.

Brian agreed to meet with me in a private room at the Scottsdale Public Library and, as long as I didn't use his full name or show his face in any photographs, to speak with me about this awful thing that's happening to him -- and which he says might one day happen to you.

New Times: What's happening to you?

Brian H.: Last November, I moved into an apartment complex in a Phoenix suburb, and within two weeks of giving my address to the Department of Public Safety, I started feeling some type of unusual sensations in my brain. My heart rate began to be affected, and I started feeling more anxious and more stressed for no particular reason. Since I was on the top floor, the only place it could have been coming from was the apartment below. Whoever was living below me was projecting something through the floor that made my brain boil like I'd stuck my head in a microwave oven. It was a heat sensation, and it felt like it was killing brain cells.

NT: And the guy who lived below you was doing this?

Brian: Well, he may have been working for a larger organization. I felt deadening sensations in my eardrums. By the way, I'm keeping these foam earplugs in during this interview, because whoever is doing this has a habit of coming along and blasting me once in a while, and it numbs my brain.

NT: (Looking over shoulder.) You mean someone might come by here and blast you while we're talking?

Brian: I'm being followed continuously, believe that or not.

NT: Will they also zap me? Because I wouldn't really like that.

Brian: If they do, I'll feel it, but you might not. I was in the library of a major university recently and I felt a blast go through the entire room, like ultrasonic sound. I turned around and there was a woman there, and I looked at her and she looked at me with a sly smile. And I asked everyone in the library if they felt it, and they hadn't. I've been exposed to this continuously since last January; they blast me at least twice a day, wherever I happen to be.

NT: Who is doing this to you?

Brian: I've speculated continuously about that, and the only thing I can come up with is that these people have clipped some kind of a tracking device on my vehicle, because they seem to always know where I'm at. They'll show up, and they have some kind of a transmitter that sends shock waves directly to my brain. If it's a woman, she'll have the device in her purse. I brought you this catalogue from a company called Amazing Products and Devices. Look at this page here. They sell an ultrasonic device for blasting rodents; it's one you carry in your pocket. That could be what these people are using to zap me.

NT: (Reading catalogue.) Look here. They also sell a Rid-away Rat Router. And here's the Sonic Nausea Device; it's only $15!

Brian: Yes. On this page, there's the Ultra Ultrasonic Shrieker, and the catalogue says, "Please don't use on human beings, could have adverse effects." But once they sell the product, who's going to regulate how it's used?

NT: Uh, maybe the Ultra Ultrasonic Shrieker Police? Look, you still haven't told me who's doing this to you.

Brian: It seems like I'm always being followed by different vehicles, although it's sometimes the same person driving. I've written down a lot of license plate numbers, and I've had a couple of them yell at me for doing that. The main thing they're trying to do is to anger me enough so I'll say something strong against them, or maybe even strike one of them, so they can file a lawsuit against me.

NT: Who? Who are these people?

Brian: I think they're individuals representing a larger organization. Maybe they're jealous of me, or they don't like me. I can't figure out what kind of organization would have enough money to pay all these people to shoot these ultrasonic waves at me.

NT: Why you?

Brian: I thought it might be someone trying to drive me away from Phoenix, so I drove up to northern Arizona, and I drove through California and through southern Oregon. But they were everywhere I went.

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