Joya Spa Unveils New Speakeasy-Style Treatment in Scottsdale

Listen up, lovebirds. Just because Valentine's Day is behind you doesn't mean you've hit your romantic quota for they year. It's time to step up your dating game well past the traditional Friday-night dinner and a movie and into nuanced staycation territory. Fortunately, the Omni Resort Montelucia's Joya Spa has just the trick.

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Beginning in June, the resort (known for really bringing it in the luxury department) will launch an exclusive new spa service guaranteed to make that special someone feel, well, special.

The Puerta Privada, or "private door," package is a new couples option offered through the summer at the Joya Spa. In keeping with the speakeasy theme that's taken off at other Valley establishments such as Citizen R+D and the Biltmore Resort, Joya Spa's Puerta Privada gives big-spending customers insider access to some high-class treatment.

Available only on Fridays and Saturdays and limited to just three couples per night in the time slots of 7:30, 7:45, and 8 p.m., Puerta Privada lets couples access the spa after hours using a special pass code. Once they're in, couples are greeted with a one-hour massage followed by an astrology viewing and their choice of a three- or four-course meal on the terrace.

Prices range from $750 all the way up to $1100, with the option of upgrading to dinner in the spa's Grand Palace. Because this new couples' treatment is so exclusive, interested customers must book appointments with a spa representative over the phone. For more information, visit www.montelucia.com or call 888-691-5692.

Editor's note: This post has been modified from its original version.

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