Local Burning Man Fanatics React to Ticketing Fiasco, Make Plans for Alternate Events

"I got really, really angry when I found out I wasn't getting tickets," says Wender.

The painter and photographer is a Burning Man regular who's gone to the annual arts and cultural extravaganza in the Nevada desert six out of the last seven years, and was hoping to attend yet again in 2012.

An email from Burning Man's organizers nixed those plans, however, and got hot under the collar.

Wender is the only one who's mad. Thousands of Burning Man attendees across the country are plenty pissed over the event's new ticketing lottery system, which issued admission to this year's event at random. 

Last week, less than half of regular Burning Man attendees were selected for the 43,000 tickets available, which has resulted in much boundless rancor and vitriolic online tirades aplenty.

According to Burning Man organizers, the lottery system was instituted to help distribute tickets equally, prevent scalping, and avoid overcrowding that's plagued the event in recent years. 

Local attendees, however, state that the lottery will effectively neuter Burning Man, as many of the people involved with creating the epic and imaginative artwork at the event each year are now locked out.

As a result, they -- like many others nationwide -- have decided to help improve and beef up smaller regional-oriented burner events held across the country throughout the year, including Arizona's annual Saguaro Man celebration.

Saguaro Man is scheduled to take place May 3-6 near Snowflake. Click here for more info.

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