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Paisley Violin Closes; All Paisley Town Studios Now Available for Rent

As reported on Chow BellaGina and Derrick Suarez closed the doors of their coffee house/cafe/art gallery and vacated their space on Grand Avenue this week. Building owners are now looking for new tenants for the main space and artist studios in Paisley Town. 

Laurie Carmody, who owns the property at 1030 Grand Ave., says she's hoping to find a good group of artists and entrepreneurs to fill the restaurant space and the series of 240 sq foot studios that have been home to local creatives including BeHeaded Salon, Wicked Wear, Liliana Gomez's Dragonfly Boutique, Greg Robinson's Lazy Lab Art Studio, and Hugo Medina's work space and gallery. 

She says tenants have changed over the years and that the remaining few moved within the past few months because of disagreements with the management (Paisley Town was previously managed by the owners of Paisley Violin and will now be managed by Carmody). 

​In the next few weeks, Carmody says she will have to renovate the approx. 1500 sq. foot restaurant space, which was stripped by the Paisley Violin owners before they vacated.  (Chow Bella also reported that Paisley Violin is moving across the street and will open for October's First Friday.) 

Ideally, Carmody says, she'll work with new tenants on concepts for the space's interior before replacing the now-missing counter tops, equipment, fencing, and doors.

She also hopes to have all of the spaces filled by the upcoming Grand Avenue Festival in October. Carmody says she'll consider using the front space as a music venue/gallery space if she can't find an interested restaurateur. 

The cottages/studios are available now and rent is $500 per month. Each has original wood flooring and a bathroom. Water is included.

For more information about the restaurant space and cottages, call Laurie Carmody at 602.332.2565. 

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