Phoenix Is a Great City for Single Men, Apparently

Guys, you know all of those times you go out in Old Town or on Mill Avenue and it seems like 80 percent of the people you see are guys -- or more accurately, "bros"? Well, per a recent ranking from DatingAdvice.com, you must be looking in the wrong places.

According to DatingAdvice.com's list of the 15 Best Cities for Single Men, Phoenix is the sixth best city in the country to be a bachelor. The article based its findings on how many single women are in each city (using date from the 2010 census). And while there's no telling whether the 252,475 unmarried women in Phoenix are really available and/or interested, it's probably better to live somewhere with options than without.

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The study does have a few problems, however.

To start, the article never mentions anything about how many single men there are in the area. There could be a million single women, but if there are three million single guys, then it's not really doing anything to help your odds. That also doesn't for potential compatibility with said women, or the fact that a lot of these "single" ladies might actually be in committed relationships, just not married.

One other thing we couldn't help but wonder is how many of these "single" women are retirees who are either divorced or widows. Phoenix has certainly ended up on several lists for being a great place to retire, and we've all heard about the wild dating and hookup scene that goes on in retirement communities, so it's at least worth a consideration. We're not saying there's anything wrong with dating an older lady, but sometimes you have to draw the line at an AARP membership.

Age aside, there's no way that each woman who's truly single is serious girlfriend material.

Like with any city, there are some winners out there. We've met our share, and we're sure you've met yours. We just don't think the number of "single" women in Phoenix (or anywhere else) is necessarily indicative of it being a great city for bachelors to live in.

Don't get us wrong. We think Phoenix can be a great place to be a single guy. There are lots of beautiful women, great places to meet them, and the weather can make the entire courting process a whole lot easier. Cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York can keep their top-five ranking, because it's a lot harder to win a woman's heart when all you can think about is how cold it is for half of the year.

There's one question we'd love to ask DatingAdvice.com about the article that isn't directly related to the content. Why in the world would they select a photo of Phoenix with snow-capped mountains in the background?

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