Plane Sight

If you squint while heading south on Interstate 10 approaching Tucson, you'd see acres of airplanes and plane parts resting in the dirt. Those are the boneyards -- storage grounds for retired commercial and Air Force aircraft -- and the hunting grounds for materials in gallerist Eric Firestone's latest exhibition. "The Boneyard Project" is a showcase of work by big-name contemporary artists who have painted some of the biggest contemporary canvases (read: airplanes) in the southwest.

The show features three DC Super 3 planes that were given contemporary facelifts by How & Nosm, Nunca, and Retna, as well as a C45 painted by Faile, a Lockheed VC 140 Jetstar by Andrew Schoultz, a C97 cockpit by Saner, and more than 30 nosecones by international artists including Richard Prince, Lee Quinones, Saner, Kenny Scharf, Aiko, and Arizona-based artists Colin Chillag, Randy Slack, and Hector Ruiz.

Sat., Jan. 28, 6 p.m.; Jan. 29-May 31, 9 a.m., 2012
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Claire Lawton
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