Printing with Freezer Paper Stencils

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Using freezer paper to create stencils for printmaking is one of the most useful crafting techniques you can learn. 

With this in your repertoire you can fancy up all of your fabric items, from T-shirts to onesies, to my personal favorite, the tea towel. 

All you need is good taste and a steady hand.

Freezer paper has a very thin plastic coating on one side that will adhere to fabric when applied with heat, but can be easily peeled off without leaving any residue. It's seriously like magic.

You can find an abundance of ideas and inspiration on Pinterest.

The image you want to print
Freezer paper - I bought mine at Safeway, about $7
Scissors, or an X-acto knife
A cutting mat - if using the X-acto knife
An iron
A piece of non-stretchy fabric to print on - natural fibers are best
Fabric paint - Or Martha Stewart's multi-purpose paint
Paint sponges

First cut out the images you want to print. Place your freezer paper on top of the image and tape them together so they don't move about. You can also trace the image before cutting it. Make sure the plastic coating is on the back - facing away from you.

Cut out the image(s).

Take the stencils and iron them to your piece of fabric with plastic coating against the fabric. Make sure all the details are pressed firmly to the fabric or your painting will bleed.

Dab your painting sponge in some paint and get it evenly distributed. Press the sponge onto the open stencil areas until the fabric is saturated and you've achieved the desired look and color.

Set it out to dry completely.

Now the best part - Carefully peel off the stencil paper!

That's it!  Happy printing!
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