Ray Robinson of Mill Cue Club

A bold five o'clock curtain draping his face, "Pride of Tempe" Ray Robinson starts his day by giving Maxwell, his chihuahua, a mid-morning walk. 

When he's not at the door of Mill Cue Club in Tempe, Ray's chasing his dream of fighting in mixed martial arts full-time and maintains his fighting physique with a steady diet of Orange Roughy, Vietnamese pho soup, and blueberries.
He joins us today to shed some light on what goes on behind the ropes of the college hotspot in our latest installation of Bouncer Confidential.

Biggest hazard on the job:
Smoke on the patio. It looks like a giant cloud of cancer. Makes you light headed and smelly. I'm not very tall, so I can kind of duck below the cloud where tall people cannot.

Road to the door:

I have been a door host for four years. It helps me keep my days open to train. I work five nights a week.

At home:
I like to watch something on Hulu with my girlfriend. She makes us dinner, usually. I also like to play with my dog.

Last thing you read:
My horoscope. I just kind of read them and if they sound good, I have a good day and if they sound bad, I just skip a few days ahead and look forward to better days.

Best time to ride a treadmill:
2 a.m. If I am not at my job.

I don't like to fight unless I am paid to do so, in a cage. I've seen lots of people arrested or girls in flip flops getting cuts on their feet from broken glass. Try to be nice, people.

Oddest sight:
Some girl who has this hair in swoop like from The Jetsons show. It's been the same way for over a year.

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Ivan Hannel
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