Shrink Wrap

“So, what gifts are you giving for the holiday?" Your psychiatrist poises her pen while you clutch at the box of Kleenex in your lap. “I’ve got plenty of time to pick something up at the airport, don’t I?” Shuddering, you close your eyes and fumble through scary-clown memories from your 3rd birthday. “I don’t know what to buy anyone, and presents I do get are going to be a direct reflection of me,” you cry in a muffled wail. “Well, this is true,” she says, looking at her watch, “but have you considered giving artwork?” Rubbing your eyes, you sniff, "I can barely afford you." Well, fire that headshrinker, Frosty, because Fusion Studio is once again slashing prices with its incredibly popular Fusion “Four” Annual Art Show and Sale. The quartet of marvelous Chicago and New York transplants -– Melany Terranova, Becky Mattair, Lee Kaster, and Kurt von Behrmann -- is offering up sophisticated objets d'art, large-scale paintings -- and don't forget the "nudie room." Discounted prices range from a few dollars to a few hundred. Analyze that!
Sat., Nov. 17, 12-3 p.m., 2007
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Leslie Barton
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