Starlite Motel's Diving-Woman Sign Destroyed During Last Week's Storms

Last week's thunderstorms did more than mess up traffic and a bunch of trees. They also jacked up an iconic piece of Valley history.

The Starlite Motel, 2710 East Main Street in Mesa, lost its recognizable neon sign that showcased a three-paneled woman diving into a neon puddle of water.

(More info, images, and a video after the jump ...)

The 50-year-old sign had been given props in pop-art publications as well as websites such as But after a wind gust ripped the metal support pole, causing the neon to shatter on the hard, wet pavement, all folks are left with are photographs and memories.

As of the time this post was published, there were no plans to repair or replace the 1960s-era roadside attraction.

To most, the sign was all there was to the Main Street Mesa motel. However, for others, the lodging center was also a pretty snazzy place to stay.

Here's a video of the departed sign in action:

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