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Steampunks, Gamer Geeks, and Murder Mystery Theater at Con-Fabulation

Everybody's definition of the perfect Saturday night is different -- some like nightclubbing, or illegally downloading films from the interwebs. 

Not us. We prefer a night of pasta overindulgence, cosplay, Dungeons and Dragons, and a good ol' fashioned murder on the Sabbath.

So if anyone asks, we'll be at the Old Spaghetti Factory this Saturday, July 30, for Con-Fabulation.

"I was talking to someone who was complaining about how there aren't as many gaming convention as there used to be," says Con-Fabulation organizer and creator Jenny Brundage, "so I thought I should throw one."

Con-Fabulation is a six-hour, $32, mini gaming convention/murder mystery dinner theater hybrid with optional, underlying elements of steampunk cosplay.

Attendees bring their favorite tabletop games--Dungeons and Dragons, Guess Who, Pogs, whatever--and challenge on another while interacting with mystery theater characters to solve the crime.

"Basically, they're going to be segments throughout the evening--short segments that are Mystery Theater-type things, a couple of characters entering into a dialogue with each other, someone giving a short mono about where they were," explains Brundage.

Brundage says the idea to host Con-Fabulation at the said-to-be haunted Old Spaghetti Factory came naturally: "I thought that was a unique quality the place, and I thought that it could enhance the mystique of the evening."

As for the steampunk element, Brundage says the costumes are encouraged, but not required. "I don't want someone to think, 'wow this is really fun, but I don't have a cool enough outfit.' You can just be creative, or go casual, but it does help to enhance the atmosphere when more people dress up."

Tickets are still available for Con-Fabulation at their website, but space is limited.

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